• Healthy animals with a health booklet containing current vaccinations against rabies and other infectious diseases as well as current deworming will be admitted to the salon.
  • On the day before the visit to the salon, an SMS will be sent to the pet’s owner reminding him of the scheduled care time and asking him to confirm the pet’s visit to our salon. If the owner does not confirm, the reservation is canceled.
  • Please inform the groomer in advance about any allergic diseases, circulatory system diseases, neurological diseases, etc., your pet’s difficult nature or other circumstances that may affect your pet’s well-being.
  • Aggressive animals will not be allowed in the salon.
  • Animals with skin parasites will undergo deworming treatments at the owner’s expense.
  • Female pet’s during heat will not be served in the salon due to the comfort of other customers.
  • The groomer may refuse to perform a grooming treatment if:
    – The pet does not have a current rabies vaccination certificate
    – The pet’s health condition does not allow for a care treatment or the treatment may cause a significant deterioration of the pet’s health condition (old age, excessive obesity, stress, chronic diseases of the pet, skin diseases: skin irritations and cuts, skin rashes, rash) – The presence of skin parasites on the animal was detected– The pet does not cooperate with the groomer during the grooming procedure and poses a threat to its health and the groomer’s health.
  • If you cancel your visit, please inform us in advance by phone.
  • By using the salon’s services, you consent to the use of your pet’s image for advertising purposes.
  • The prices of care treatments are approximate and may change depending on the current condition of the pet’s fur.
  • The salon does not provide the same service as haircuts. Each haircut service is preceded by a bathing service in our salon.
  • Before visiting the salon, the pet should be taken for a walk giving it the opportunity to relieve itself and should not be taken immediately after eating.
  • Please be on time! We understand life is a scramble and appreciate your choosing us! We request that you arrive 10 minutes early, so your pet can transition and you can consult with our groomer. Please call ahead if you will be late as we may need to reschedule your appointment. Our policies are driven by our goal to create the best experience for our clients.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance.
  • Prices given at drop-off are estimates only. Sometimes we will find certain conditions such as matting or the presence of fleas that will increase a base price. A final price is determined based
    on services rendered while caring for your pet.
  • Also, many clients like to be on a regular schedule (for example, every 8 weeks), so we highly recommend booking your grooming service as much in advance as possible, so we can reserve the spot you want!